Vitro Crystal

Vitro Crystal

Vitro Crystal is a multi-interface, versatile and secure platform intended to work as a Gateway in the Internet of Things applications. As the board has many interfaces and substantial computing power, the board shouldn't be a bottleneck for your projects.

Although the board can be used for other applications, its main objective is to provide a secure communication channel to the cloud to send encrypted data. It is possible thanks to the provisioning feature provided by the equipped ATECC508A Crypto Module. The board can also provide a robust internet connection due to the multiple connectivity options.

Some applications that Vitro Crystal was used:

  • As an IoT gateway for remote monitoring and control of water wells.
  • As an IoT gateway for data acquisition in an industrial environment.
  • Control device for displaying and remotely changing fuel prices.

The latest Vitro Crystal board version is 1.0, but you can access the legacy documentation in this guide too.