Linux Commands

Linux Commands

The Yocto-based OS comes with all the Linux commands that you need. If you want to check all the available ones, just use this command:

compgen -c


The -c flag lists all the commands you could run.

If you want to check if the command is available, you can use:

compgen -c | grep <command>

There are hundreds of commands available on a distro. In our custom Linux distro, there are precisely 691 commands. However, there are custom ones and some that may be of your interest to know. This document's main objective is to be a look-up table of some commands that are good to know.


ModemManagerMobile broadband modem management daemon
NetworkManagerNetwork management daemon
iptablesAdministration tool for IPv4 packet filtering and NAT
iwShow / manipulate wireless devices and their configuration
mosquittoMQTT broker
mosquitto_passwdManage password files for mosquitto
ofonodoFono mobile telephony daemon
openvpnSecure IP tunnel
rfkillTool for enabling and disabling wireless devices
ipShow / manipulate routing, devices, policy routing and tunnels
dhclientDynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
bluetoothdBluetooth daemon
btattachAttach serial devices to BlueZ stack
btmonBluetooth monitor
lsusbList USB devices
usb-devicesPrint USB device details

eeprogReads and writes 24Cxx EEPROMs connected to I2C serial bus
i2cdetectDetect I2C chips
i2cdumpExamine I2C registers
i2cgetRead from I2C/SMBus chip registers
i2csetSet I2C registers


rdateGet the time via the network
hwclockQuery and set the hardware clock (RTC)
timeGet time in seconds
timedatectlControl the system time and date
uptimeTell how long the system has been running


logoutdEnforce login time restrictions
update-ca-certificatesUpdate /etc/ssl/certs and ca-certificates.crt
chageChange user password expiry information
md5sumCompute and check MD5 message digest
sha1sumCompute and check SHA1 message digest
sha256sumCompute and check SHA256 message digest
rsaperfSign and encrypt data and generate keys
opensslOpenSSL command line tool


klogdKernel Log Daemon
syslogdLinux system logging utilities
dmesgPrint or control the kernel ring buffer
journalctlQuery the systemd journal


vitrotv-confirm-upgradeConfirm the OTA upgrade
vitroio_upgrade_nodes.pyUpgrade a node (e.g., Vitro Shard)
vitrotv-change-partitionChange the mounted partition
vitrotv-upgradePerform the OTA upgrade
ecc_toolkitVitro Crystal provisioning script
can-configuration.shScript to set up CAN interface
connect_gsm.shScript to set up or connect to GSM
thermal-log.shScript to display the temperature in zone 0


The available partitions are mmcblk1p2 or mmcblk1p3. If you want to upgrade mmcblk1p3, but mmcblk1p2 is the default. You can run vitrotv-change-partition and then vitrotv-upgrade.


lspciList all PCI devices
setpciConfigure PCI devices
update-pciidsDownload new version of the PCI ID list
blkidCommand-line utility to locate/print block device attributes
swupdateSoftware Update for Embedded Linux Devices
ansibleRun a command somewhere else

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