Using Vitro's IoT solution allows you to have simple and affordable IoT security by using cryptographic hardware and open-source software. Vitro's platform has four core benefits:

Vitro already provides many solutions that involves power management, accurate reporting & monitoring, Secure Transactions, and Trusted Communications.

Vitro makes your IoT project easier with Vitro Crystal, a hardware-crypto secure IoT gateway. Vitro Crystal can be provisioned for secure AWS IoT communications and development. Other important devices are Vitro Shard and Vitro Shard Edge. When together, they can collect and send data securely.

You can continue navigating on this guide to read all the information you need about our hardware solution. The datasheets of all our hardware are available here. If you want to start programming on our hardware, you can check the Starter Guide. If you need a more in-depth look at our API, you can go to our Developer Guide. Finally, if you couldn't find the information you are looking for or have any other questions, you can go to our community support page and ask there!