This documentation explains the inner workings of our security-focused API. You will find the most important implementation details, firmware structure, classes, how to develop an application for the DHT22 sensor from scratch using the API, and more.

It is possible you may encounter an edge case or need more flexibility. In this case, you should check our SDK documentation.


The Vitro SDK has all the API's functions and more! Ideally, you will only need the functions provided by the API, as it will make you write code faster and easier. If you need more information regarding API and SDK, please check here.

It is organized as follows:

  • API Overview: Firmware structure, libraries used, and API's library.
  • API Variables: API's structure and classes, and where they are declared.
  • API Details: Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update implementations, and the necessary bootloader changes.
  • API Application: Development of an application for relative humidity and temperature measurements.

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