Our Hardware

Our Hardware

Vitro Crystal (v1.0)


Vitro Crystal board

The Vitro Crystal (v1.0) is the IoT gateway that enables device-to-device and device-to-cloud communications. Its primary purpose is to gather data and send them to the AWS cloud. It uses a Yocto-based OS that collects data using Vitro Shard and Vitro Shard Edge to transmit it to the AWS cloud.

You can check more details on the Vitro Crystal documentation.

Vitro Shard (v2.0)


Vitro Shard

Vitro Shard (v2.0) delivers an edge to cloud hardware and software solution to secure data from sensors, scanners, scales and meters in-transit and at-rest in the cloud. Vitro IoT Block libraries enable rapid development of applications serving authenticated data payloads via Zero Trust policies.

Vitro Shard codebase is written in MbedOS/C++ and includes libraries for OTA, AWS IoT integration, ECC authentication, and sample projects. It includes a half mini PCIe connector for easy integration with Vitro Shard Edge. Vitro Shard is essential hardware for many IoT applications, as it will gather, handle and transmit data. In other words, it can be classified as an edge device when coupled with Vitro Shard Edge.

You can check more details on the Vitro Shard documentation.

Vitro Shard Edge (v1.0)


Vitro Shard Edge carrier board

Vitro Shard Edge (v1.0) is an Open Hardware development platform. Also, it has a half mini PCIe slot for easy integration into other projects. As such, Vitro Shard Edge can be connected with Vitro Shard to collect sensor data, encrypt it, and transmit it to the gateway.

You can check more details on the Vitro Shard Edge documentation.

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